Enthralling Engagements


Celebrate your big announcement with Oxfordshire Mobile Discos - a great party DJ for a truly memorable evening surrounded by family and friends.

Music from all eras - ideal where mixed ages are in attendance - with a quality sound system and brilliant lighting effects to set the mood perfectly.

We have the skills and experience to build a busy dancefloor and ensure everyone has a great time.

Excellent Engagement Parties by Oxfordshire Mobile DiscosExcellent Engagement Parties by Oxfordshire Mobile DiscosExcellent Engagement Parties by Oxfordshire Mobile Discos

Family Celebration?

Our DJ regularly plays at weddings, parties and events across Oxfordshire, providing consistently excellent musical entertainment for parties of mixed age groups - from the very youngest family members upwards. Engagement parties are typically made up of a mixture of family, work colleagues and friends of a similar age to you. This can be a difficult balancing act for an inexperienced DJ - but we are experts at satisfying diverse audiences!

Excellent Engagement Parties by Oxfordshire Mobile Discos

A Bunch of Mates?

Sometimes an engagement party is attended predominantly by friends and colleagues mostly of a similar age group to the bride and groom to be. With a huge music library covering all the popular genres throughout the decades, and a highly experienced DJ, we're ideally suited to playing to narrow age groups, focusing on just the right mix of tunes to get as many of them dancing and enjoying themselves as possible! Requests are welcome before and during the party!

Excellent Engagement Parties by Oxfordshire Mobile Discos
Party disco prices for Oxfordshire Mobile Discos

No matter what mix of ages are attending your engagement party, you can trust Oxfordshire Mobile Discos to choose the perfect soundtrack. We'll discuss musical favourites (and dislikes) in advance of the evening and if you wish to incorporate a theme we'll help you achieve that. Based on your aspirations for the event and the opportunities / limitations afforded by your choice of venue, we'll bring along the perfect sound and lighting system to ensure that we can exceed your expectations.

Oxfordshire Mobile Discos is not a typical mobile disco. For even the most straightforward event we often put more time into planning and preparation than the actual performance itself - and this shows in our consistently excellent customer feedback. This invariably means we're not the cheapest, so if cost is your primary concern then we'd suggest looking elsewhere. However if you want an occasion to remember and wish to give your family and friends a great evening's musical entertainment, then please get in touch!

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