Copyright Statement

For clarification purposes, this statement applies to all of the original images and text on this site, which are by Oxfordshire Mobile Discos, and are Copyright © Oxfordshire Mobile Discos. All moral rights are asserted. To assist with site design, limited use has been made of "Stock Imagery" which has been correctly licensed for use on this website.

Infringing use and licence charges

Legally, it is the responsibility of any publisher to ensure that the law is followed with the consent or licence of the copyright owner. ASK BEFOREHAND.

It is no defence to a copyright infringement claim to plead that the image was supplied to you by others - "my web designer", another company or person, for example. The law states "it is immaterial whether any intervening acts themselves infringe copyright".

Any images or text copied illegally from this site will result in a legal claim being brought to seek compensation for the infringing use.

Very occasionally we grant permission for the reuse of our images. Commercial web use of our images is licenced at £500 per year (or part thereof) for each separate instance of the use of each image. This is the precedent which will form the basis of any unauthorised usage claim.

Any unauthorised use which fails to identify the copyright and moral rights owner will result in a minimum claim of at least £1000 per year (or part thereof) for each separate instance of the use of each image.

Anyone who falsely claims copyright ownership of our material will receive even higher damages claims.

Please be aware that all imagery belonging to Oxfordshire Mobile Discos has been watermarked, and the original high-resolution masters stored off-line to be referenced in the event of any legal challenge.

Obtaining permission or licenses

If you would like to request permission to use our text or images, or purchase a licence, please contact us.

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